Borrowers often experience difficulties when applying for a personal loan in a commercial bank. The top commercial banks in the Philippines, like BDO Unibank, the country’s largest lender, and Metrobank and Security bank, often require bank verification. It means borrowers need a bank statement and must pass through the standard credit check. Since many Filipinos are unbanked with no access to credit facilities, many don’t apply for loans, and some are rejected.

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As a result, many Filipino borrowers look for a loan that does not require such documents or strict credit checks. As a result, many borrowers in the Philippines often resort to online personal loans, pawn loans, or ‘5-6 loans’. These types of loans are available with a straightforward process with minimal documentary requirements. However, borrowers will face relatively higher interest rates. So, if you’re planning to apply for these kinds of loans, it’s best to open a bank account or compare the prevailing interest rates to get the best deal. This article guides payday loans with no bank verification in the Philippines.

Types of Personal Loans Without Bank Verification Required

If you do not have a bank account, there are still options for payday loans. You can borrow from private online lenders, pawnshops, 5-6 lenders, or informal leaders in the community. These lenders can offer you payday loans or a wide range of loan products. Your eligibility for each loan is based on your high credit score determined during credit checks.

Each loan type has its pros and cons regarding interest schemes, payment terms, and application process. So, consider these things before availing of a payday or personal loan.

Payday Loans with No Bank Verification

Payday loans online

One of the fastest ways to borrow funds is to apply for payday loans online from private online lenders. Usually, they do not require bank accounts and collateral to get qualified for payday loans online. However, lenders may conduct credit check processes through credit bureaus. Credit bureaus are credit reporting agencies collecting and researching individual credit information of borrowers. The lenders will decide whether to grant payday loans online based on these credit checks. Since there is no collateral or bank verification, online lenders will make sure the borrower’s capability to repay loans on time. Payday loans online are usually disapproved if the credit check shows a bad credit score.

Pawn loans

If you don’t have a bank account, you can opt to pawn items like jewelry and gadgets in pawnshops. A pawnshop will not require you to submit any bank-related document besides valid identification cards. They will not be looking at your proof of income, credit check, or even the purpose for availing of the loan. However, pawn shops often lend money to borrowers in a shorter period.

You can get a loan if you have a valuable item to pawn. The pawn amount depends on the appraisal of the item. If you choose to have a loan with pawn shops, there is no worry even if you failed to redeem the item or renew pawning. The pawn shop can recover the funds released to you by having your item auctioned. Upon the maturity of loans, you may never get back your items.

5-6 Loans

During emergencies, borrowers often do not have the choice but to avail of 5-6 payday loans. This loan type is helpful for borrowers in the Philippines who do not have access to bank.

Applying for a loan with 5-6 lenders does not require account verification. But it may involve a credit check through credit references who can attest to the information regarding the borrower. Getting a 5-6 payday loan is a quick way to earn money. But there’s a huge drawback when it comes to interest schemes.

In a 5-6 personal loan, the running interest rate usually starts at 20%. So, if you borrowed Php 5,000.00, you are expected to repay Php 6,000.00. 5-6 lenders are known as loan sharks due to their predatory money lending practices. Therefore, as much as possible, you should avoid this type of loan unless intended for emergency purposes.

Personal Loans Without Bank Account

Lenders Offering Personal Loans Without Bank Account

If you need funds, there is no need to worry about having no bank account. Here are some of the lenders in the Philippines you can work with to address your financial difficulties:


It’s a quick cash loan that does not require a banking account. To avail of Robocash personal loan, visit its official website and sign up for an account. Then, fill out the needed details. Besides, personal information may also require proof of income and valid identification.

You can also avail of Robocash payday loan through its online app. The maximum loanable amount borrowers can avail of is up to Php 25,000.00. First-time borrowers can repay loans within 15 days. Repeat borrowers can enjoy longer repayment terms, up to 6 months.


ACOM Consumer Finance Corporation is a fast cash loan direct lender popular in the Philippines. ACOM does not require borrowers to have a bank account or ask for a bank statement. To apply for an ACOM loan, you can go online or to the nearest ACOM store. Then, you can choose a location code for your loan application.

Loan processing may take one day, depending on the credit check. Finally, wait for the cash to be disbursed. You can claim your money through its partners such as GCash, Maya, or LBC. Its payment terms range from 6-10 flexible months. Meanwhile, it offers lower interests for a payday loan ranging from 3.315% up to 4.563% per month.      

Cebuana Lhuillier

As a leading pawn shop in the Philippines, borrowers can pawn their items any time at Cebuana Lhuillier. It offers low-interest schemes best for borrowers with low credit scores. For example, if you pawn gold jewelry, Cebuana charges a 4% interest with 2% liquidated damages. Borrowers get four (4) months to repay the pawn loan.

Compared to other pawn shops, Cebuana offers a higher appraisal rate for your pawned items. Currently, this pawn shop has established several branches in the Philippines. So, you can pawn your item and get an instant personal loan with the nearest Cebuana branch. Meanwhile, Cebuana also reaches its clients online through its Cebuana from Home website. Here, you can complete renewal and redemption transactions online. Once the payment transaction is confirmed, Cebuana riders will go to your location to complete the transaction.


PawnHero offers reliable and most convenient pawning services to Filipinos. It eliminates the need to go to a physical store and pawn your items. Instead, visit its official website and click the ‘Pawn Now’ option to request a pawn ticket. Then, fill out the needed details and book a schedule for the Pawntrooper to pick up the pawned item. Once the loan offer is accepted, you can cash out through bank transfers, PESONet, InstaPay, or e-wallets. PawnHero takes gold jewelry, luxury bags and watches, and high-end assets.

Among the brands accepted are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci. Borrowers can expect fast loan approval in one day. There is no credit history check. For jewelry and gold, PawnHero charges 3.5% of the principal loan amount or Php 500.00, whichever is higher. For luxury items, expect a fee of 4.99% of the principal amount of Php 500.00, whichever is higher.  

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

There are dozens of lending agencies in the Philippines that offer loans for individuals with no bank accounts. Yes, they can provide loans, but many of these lenders offer predatory interest rates. In addition, in some cases, their approach to the collection is often questionable. So before you take out a loan, consider your options, compare the interest rates, or you can browse our website for more guides and tips about loans in the Philippines.

Understandably, getting a cash loan could be the last resort in certain difficult situations. Thus, a payday loan is not bad if you know the terms and work to maintain a good credit record. So, if you’re experiencing difficulties applying for a payday loan, look at the options that could benefit you. It is better if you will have a banking account to be eligible for loans other than short-term loans.

In summary, getting payday or pawn loans is better than obtaining 5-6 loans. These loans are the easiest ways to get funds. But you’ll face higher interest rates. In addition, you can be easily trapped in the cycle of debt if you fail to evaluate which has the best offers. So, weigh the pros and cons before availing of a payday loan from these lenders.

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