Finding an online loan in the Philippines can be both easy and challenging. Applying for a personal loan online is simple and fast. However, Filipinos have hundreds of products from which to pick. Hence, settling on a specific one takes work. Crezu is a service that takes the hard work out of the personal loan search process. The comparison website collects loan offers that match your criteria and presents them to you. So, you only have to pick the most suitable one. With Crezu, you don’t have to compare loan lenders manually. When you need to get an online loan quickly, comparing different products can be frustrating. The site ensures you get the best interest rates without wasting time.

About Crezu - Is the Company Legit?

About Crezu – Is the Company Legit?

Crezu is a loan comparison website providing services to Filipinos. Although it’s a registered company, it’s not a licensed financial institution. Thus, it’s not authorized to give out loans. The way it works is that Crezu collects your data and then searches for personal loan options. Therefore, you see the most suitable products on the market for you. Crezu is designed to make it easier to get a loan by customizing searches. It compares online loans, so you don’t have to. In a few minutes, the site presents several loan offers.

Crezu is a free loan broker, meaning you don’t have to pay for product comparison. It also doesn’t ask for your credit history or paperwork for the application process. The broker connects you to the best lending alternative in the Philippines. Anyone looking for financial solutions can use Crezu. The site doesn’t impose a lot of requirements and has an approval rate of 86%.

Advantages of Borrowing Money from Crezu

Access to unsecured loans to Filipinos has increased considerably over the years. Thanks to online lending services, you can have a dozen products to choose from when looking to take out a quick cash loan. With Crezu, you can compare personal loans from several lenders in a few minutes. The comparison platform saves time. It eliminates the need to look up tens of lending options before deciding on the best one.

The broker uses state-of-the-art technology to collect suitable products based on your data. When you provide personal details during registration, the system uses that information to match you to the best lenders.

Crezu is an international company with the resources to partner with leading lending partners in the Philippines. Whether self-employed or just graduated, a retiree or a professional, the broker connects you to the most appropriate lender.

The simplicity of the service is with reason to consider getting a Crezu loan. When applying for an online loan, you don’t have to submit a lot of documents or provide too many details. Additionally, you don’t have to pay a service fee to access loan options.

Advantages of Borrowing Money from Crezu

Loan lenders linked to Crezu

The online comparison platform strives to provide the best products to borrowers. When taking out an instant loan, you must be sure the lender is reputable. For this reason, Crezu partners with top lending companies in the country. They include MoneyCat, OLP, Robocash, and CashXpress. You can learn about the other loan websites working with the broker when using the service. Although it’s not a financial institution, Crezu is a registered enterprise with a solid reputation in the industry. So, it maintains its good standing by picking lending partners carefully. Nonetheless, ensure you check out a lender before applying for an online loan.

How to apply and get your Crezu loan

From payday loans to personal loans, finding the perfect product is less challenging with Crezu. The comparison site takes the guesswork out of loan searches. In a few minutes, you can have a list of the top loans for you. Take advantage of the service by applying on the site. After selecting a lender, you then proceed to sign the loan agreement. The website doesn’t charge you when searching for a personal loan. However, a fee might apply for business loans.

Documentation Required

Crezu only asks for your ID to apply for the personal loan search service. You also have to fill out a form to provide the details used in matching you to lenders. The broker is not responsible for loan agreements. For that, you have to apply for a loan from your chosen company. Most internet loan lenders have few requirements. An ID is a must, and some sites request a selfie too. You also need an active bank account and a valid mobile phone number. The comparison platform requires you to be over 18 years old and be a citizen living in the Philippines.

How to apply and get your loan

The Application Process

Step 1

Fill in the Application

On the official Crezu website, click on ‘Get Money’ at the top of the page. Complete the application form with the necessary details, including your full name, phone number, and address.

Step 2

Review Your Details

The site uses personal data to match you with loan lenders. Therefore, ensure it’s accurate to improve your chances. Submit the form when done.

Step 3

Receive Offers

Crezu will collect quotes that meet your requirements from various loan websites. Proceed to pick the best one.

Step 4

Sign the Contract

You have to agree to the terms from your preferred lender to get an online loan. So, the comparator redirects you to the official website to sign the loan contract. Ensure you read and understand the conditions before agreeing.

Step 5

Receive Money

If approved, the funds are transferred to your bank account. Remember to check the repayment terms and methods because you will pay the loan directly to the financial institution.

How long does it take to get approved?

Once you submit your application to the loan comparator, it takes about 5 minutes to review and approve it. The website compares hundreds of quotes and then gives you several. After evaluating the offers and choosing the most suitable one, you must sign a contract from that particular lender. In 15 minutes, the loan proceeds will be in your bank account.



Crezu is a free loan broker that helps Filipinos find the best financial solutions. When you want to get an online loan, it’s always advisable to compare different products. It’s how you ensure you pick favorable interest rates. The comparison process can, however, be tedious, especially for a first-time borrower. A Crezu loan comes with less hassle. You only have to give the website your details, and it handles the grunt work. The comparator saves time, ensuring you find an online loan fast. Crezu is suitable if you have a bad credit history and don’t qualify for most standard personal loans.