A timely financial solution when facing urgent needs is unmatched convenience. Imagine needing to travel in a few days and not having the budget for it. A personal loan solves such a situation efficiently. Online cash loans can save you from dire financial circumstances. The products are some of the simplest alternatives and appeal to many borrowers. Filipinos have an impressive selection of short-term lending options, Easycash is one of them. The lending company offers different loans for varying demands, allowing you to choose the best one. This review explains what to expect from the lender.

About Easycash Philippines – Is the Company Legit?

Before applying for a personal loan, ensure the lender is reputable and authorized to provide services in the Philippines. Easycash Lending Company, Inc is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The technology-driven financial services provider works on increasing access to loans for Filipinos. It does this by simplifying the loan application process, such that even a first-time borrower won’t have trouble with the service. Easy Cash offers loans to individuals and small businesses. It uses industry-specific data and insights to customize products to suit the target market.

Advantages of using Easycash Philippines

Advantages of using Easycash Philippines

At Easycash, you get a personalized approach when you apply for a loan. The amount you can borrow, the payment schedule, and terms are set on an individual basis. You can choose the repayment term that favors you best, and the lender automatically assigns the corresponding interest rate.

Since the financial company offers more than one type of loan, you can find a product that matches your needs. Although a personal loan is versatile, it might not always serve particular demands. For example, a regular cash loan has a lower limit than a business loan. With Easy Cash, you can borrow according to your requirements.

Easycash protects all customer data. So, you can be confident when using the platform. The website is encrypted, meaning information passes through it safely. Your details also stay confidential.

Although not as fast as most online lenders in the Philippines, Easycash has an uncomplicated application process. You also receive money without too many obstacles. For this reason, the lending site serves many borrowers.

Types of loans offered from Easycash Philippines

The lending company caters to a diverse clientele, so, it ensures the product range is just as varied. It has three main products.

A cash advance is a fast crediting tailored for urgent needs. You can use the personal loan for various purposes, like home improvement, medical treatment, and tuition fees. This product has fewer requirements than the other two. Easy Cash lets you borrow between PHP 5,000 and 10,000. If you intend to get a bigger cash advance, you have to visit the office.

The seafarer loan is for Filipino seafarers not older than 60 years. You can get PHP 20,000 to 200,000, with the interest rate fluctuating depending on the loan amount. Easycash could give you a larger sum than the standard limit, but you have to present yourself physically. With this loan, you can take care of your family or other important financial matters before deployment. This loan requires a co-borrower.

The third option is a business loan, which offers a minimum of PHP 200,000. It’s a secured loan where a vehicle or property can serve as collateral. The loan gives small business owners in the Philippines access to convenient lines of credit. An Easycash business loan also requires a co-borrower for the pre-qualification.

How to apply for a loan on Easycash Philippines?

How to apply for a loan on Easycash Philippines?

The lending service tries to simplify the loan application as much as possible. You can use the desktop website or the mobile platform to send your application. Easycash even allows you to signup on Facebook. It takes less than ten minutes to fill out the application form. Once you set up your Easycash account, you can easily upload documents. The type of product you decide to get determines the steps to take when requesting an online loan. Below is a quick explanation of what it takes to apply for an Easycash loan.

Borrower Requirements

You decide to take out an Easy Cash loan today to solve a few urgent needs. How do you know if you qualify? Eligibility requirements vary across the three lending options. If you are getting an Easycash personal loan, you must be 21 – 69 years old and a Filipino citizen residing in Metro Manila or the nearby provinces. You must also be employed or self-employed with 2 years of profitable business. The lender asks for any 2 of the main government-issued IDs – TIN, UMID, SSS, driver’s license, passport or PRC. You must also present proof of billing, a payslip, and a company ID.

For a seafarer loan, you must have an agency-certified current contract of deployment and have completed at least two contracts. You also need a confirmed departure date not exceeding 30 days, a passport, SSS or a TIN number, and a Seafarer’s Registration Certificate. If you plan to get a business loan, then check with the lender for the full list of requirements.

Application Process

Step 1

Sign Up

Head to the official site and signup for an Easycash account using your mobile number and email address.

Step 2

Choose a Loan

Decide which loan to apply for. The site helps you in calculating interest and selecting the payment schedule.

Step 3

Provide Your Details

Fill out the online application form with the required information. Review your answers to make sure they are accurate.

Step 4

Upload Documents

Scan and submit all requirements through your Easycash account. They must be clear and colored. Ensure you size files correctly for a smooth upload.

Step 5

Get Approved

Wait a few minutes for the lender to send an email or SMS alerting you of your application status.

Obtaining Methods

So, you applied and got approved for a loan today, and wondering how to access the funds. If you applied for a personal loan, then the proceeds will be sent to your bank account. Therefore, make certain your account is active and ready to receive money. Also, ensure your bank account details are correct on the application. Once you complete the requirements, you can receive money in 1 – 2 business days. For a seafarer loan, you have to visit the Easycash office to collect the funds.

Ways to repay the loan

Ways to repay the loan

Before taking out a loan, be sure you can repay it on time. Besides the repayment schedule and due date, you also need to know the official payment channels. Easycash provides several, thus, making repayments as stress-free as the disbursement. For personal and seafarer loans, the lender accepts post-dated checks. If you prefer a wallet, then Easycash supports GCash and Dragon Pay.

Over-the-counter payments are also acceptable at BDO and BPI. Use the account name Easycash Lending Company Inc. The lender allows you to use a nominated allotment bank account, but only payments for a seaman loan qualify. You can repay your loan before the due date without incurring any penalties. Furthermore, it helps build your credit score and rating with the service. Easycash will accept payment on the next business day if your due date falls on a holiday.


Finding the right loan is not always easy, what with the numerous products on the market. Filipino borrowers also have to be careful not to fall prey to the dubious lenders that promise great lending alternatives. Easycash is a credible lender serving different kinds of borrowers. The freedom to pick the best product for the situation is one of Easycash’s USPs. If you only need a small sum for an urgent matter, then get a cash advance. For an enterprise looking to expand its business network, Easycash has a business loan. You only have to decide which line of credit caters to your needs.