The last two decades have displayed the Philippines as one of the most active environments for microfinance across Asia and beyond. Notably, with most Filipinos being low-income earners, microloans are now a preferred funding option in the country. LoanLoad leverages the power of modern lending technology to avail consumer loans from across multiple microfinance institutions. The good thing with Loan Load is that you do not have to leave your home to access wide-ranging microloan products.

Here is a quick review of LoanLoad consumer loans.

About LoanLoad – Is the Company Legit?

Any credit company established to run its operations in the Philippines is legally required to receive trading authorization from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to Loan Load, the loan service is permitted by SEC to operate following its official certification in 2015. The lending company is verified by SEC under Certificate of Authority Number 1659.

Primarily, the facilities of the LoanLoad loan service are exclusively availed to the Philippines. The strategic objective of the lender is to offer financial solutions to Filipino Citizens interested in improving their financial conditions.

Advantages of Using LoanLoad

Advantages of Using LoanLoad

Here is why you should choose the LoanLoad loan service.

  • Diversified Loan Products – LoanLoad is probably the only lender in the Philippines with the kind of microloan portfolio the company provides to its clients. Whether a personal, housing, business, or auto loan, LoanLoad rallies a range of microloans from different microfinancing institutions.
  • Affordable Corresponding Service Fee – The total service fee for borrowing with Loan Load is repaid in installments as the sum of the principal amount, interest, and penalties (in case of payment delays). Other than the transaction fee charged by your bank, there are no extra charges or hidden fees.
  • Fast and Convenient Service – It takes a few minutes to several hours to apply for a LoanLoad loan, gets approved, and receives the funds.
  • High Approval Rate – It is almost impossible to miss out on a loan facility. Most microfinance institutions sourced by lenders work with pensioners, students, and individuals blacklisted by traditional banks.

Loans Offered by LoanLoad

LoanLoad features an outstanding loan portfolio that includes the following products;

Salary Loan

This is an unsecured credit facility that is approved based on the follower’s monthly income. Loan repayments are deducted from salaries or wages.

Car/Auto Loan

This is a microloan issued for the sole purpose of vehicle buying.

Seaman Loan

The objective of a seaman loan is to meet varying financial needs, such as emergency expenses, medical bills, and education fees.

Housing Loan

Loan Load provides housing loans to enable borrowers to acquire a house with less hassle.

Student Loan

Most microfinance institutions partnering with LoanLoad approve student loans faster. These are funds borrowed to finance one’s education.

Business Loans

LoanLoad has become a popular source of financing for most businesses. Venture owners borrow business loans to finance new operations, start-up capital, or consolidate debts.

Applying for a Loan from LoanLoadPH

Applying for a Loan from LoanLoadPH

Applying for a quick microloan at LoanLoadPH is quick and easy. Here is how it works.

  • Fill Out an Online Form – Provide your personal details through the LoanLoad online application form.
  • Apply and Wait – Following the completion of the provided loan procedure, the lender will take a few minutes to a couple of hours to review your application.
  • Receive Your Money – Once approved, the lender will wire the money to your bank account.

Borrower Requirements and Documentation

The compliance system of approves all consumer loans provided that the following requirements and conditions are met;

  • Be a Citizen of the Philippines
  • Aged from 18 to 65 years
  • Credit History. A good credit score is a crucial prerequisite for getting a microloan approved.
  • Provide one valid government-issued identification document.
  • A duly completed form.
Application Process

Application Process

Here are the basic steps to getting a LoadLoan microloan.

Step 1

Verify Compliance Requirements

Before you apply for a loan with Loan Load, ensure you have all the lender’s compliance requirements. The absence of such requirements might result in you missing out on the loan.

Step 2

Online Application Form

Provide your contacts and personal identification details via the company’s online application form. Additionally, you will be required to upload the necessary credentials, such as an income statement, permanent address, and a valid government ID.

Step 3

Choose Loans

Select the type of loan you wish to borrow.

Step 4

Application Validation

Your application is automatically matched with a lender that meets your loan conditions. The selected microfinance institution will contact you to verify a few details and collect any collateral where necessary.

Step 5

Sign Loan Agreement to Receive the Money

Once the lender is convinced with your application, you will be required to sign a loan agreement using an SMS code sent to your contact. The money will be disbursed immediately after this signing.

Obtaining Methods

The loan amount approved by the matched lender is credited to your bank account. Essentially, it is mandatory to provide a bank account number registered with your name to get approved for a LoanLoad funding. Ensure your bank card is active for ease of accessing the money. This can be any bank, provided the institution supports direct transfers from online money lenders.

Repayment of the Loan

Repayment of the Loan

When repaying the loan, you must be aware of the full cost of the borrowed funds. Other than the first borrowing, which is issued at a zero interest rate, all repeat loans attract a daily charge of 1%. In case of a violation of the repayment deadline, the lender surcharges a 0.1% penalty on the daily installment, provided that this does not exceed 10% of the principal. The online calculator featured on is a great tool for calculating interest rates and determining the total cost of your loan.

There are 3 primary methods of loan repayment at Loan Load, including automated deductions on your current account, box office, and licensed payment centers. All the other repayment terms are highlighted in detail via a notification sent to your email or SMS.


LoanLoad is a reputable specialist in financial and credit lending. The credit facilities of LoanLoadPH are extended to Filipinos exclusively. All you need is a proof of identity document and good credit history. Once approved, the lender credits the money to your bank account at an affordable service fee. One feature that makes LoanLoadPH a unique online lender is its large network of microfinance lenders. Fill out an online form, upload your credentials, and you will be automatically matched with the ideal lender.