Online loans are becoming a popular means of a person’s financial solvency in a world of unpredictable economic imbalances. This demand has accelerated the growth of digital loan services in the Philippines, with most lenders offering irresistible loan offers. However, it is obvious that having endless loan options has rendered most borrowers helpless in search of reliable and legitimate lenders. Oneclickmoney integrates all the features and loan elements necessary for seamless borrowing.

Here is a quick guide to Oneclickmoney Philippines loan.

About Oneclickmoney – Is the Company Legit?

Oneclickmoney is an online loan platform registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a product of Moneycat Financing Inc, a renowned financing company in the Philippines. This means that Oneclickmoney is legitimately established and operated as per the provisions of the law of the Philippines. According to SEC, the Company is licensed with a Certificate of Authority numbered 1254 and registration CS201953073. Essentially, the subsidiary was launched with the aim to provide Filipinos with easily accessible financial solutions.

Oneclickmoney Loan App

Oneclickmoney Loan App

Oneclickmoney owns and runs an online loan mobile app that makes the accessibility of quick funds easy and convenient. First-time and repeat users of Oneclickmoney can borrow money with a click of a button any time from anywhere around the world. Interestingly, all you need is to provide one primary government-issued document and fill out the online form availed in the application to enjoy the many benefits of the One Click Money Loan app. Download the app on Google PlayStore and get all Oneclickmoney service offers, including loan offers, promotions, and loan repayment.

Advantages of Using Oneclickmoney

Oneclickmoney service is a preferred quick loan lender by most Filipinos for the following reasons;

  • High Approval Rate – Whether you are a first-timer or a repeat borrower, Oneclickmoney offers over a 98% approval rate for every successful loan application.
  • Fewer Requirements – You only need one valid government-issued document, such as an ID Card or Passport, to apply for an Oneclickmoney loan. Borrowers can apply for such loans over the internet using the Oneclickmoney app or website.
  • Instant Financial Solutions – The application process takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Also, your loan is disbursed less than 2 hours after approval.
  • Convenient Repayment Methods – The benefit of getting an Oneclickmoney loan is that you can pay it back in multiple, convenient ways. Such channels include bank cash, GCash, or any supported e-wallet.
Applying for a Loan at Oneclickmoney

Loans Offered by Oneclickmoney service

Oneclickmoney offers financial solutions in two primary categories, including business and personal loans.

Personal Loans

As part of its loan services, Oneclickmoney allows individuals and groups of borrowers to apply for funding for their personal or investment needs. In this regard, applicants must be corporate employees, public servants, or self-employed. The idea is to provide financial solutions to borrowers with the evidential capacity to repay the loan. However, unlike lenders across the various financial markets, Moneycat Financing Inc has minimal requirements for personal loans. You do not need to upload an income statement or payslip as proof of a stable income flow.

Business Loans

Oneclickmoney PH is joined by a wide range of businesses and professionals around the country. The lending company offers first-time loans at a 0% interest rate, a feature most small businesses find quite appealing. Again, unlike the traditional banks that take up to several business days to approve a loan, it takes less than 2 hours for Oneclickmoney to approve and disburse money to your bank account.


Applying for a Loan at Oneclickmoney

Applying for a loan at Oneclickmoney is entirely done over the internet on the lender’s website or mobile app. Here is a quick run-through of the loan procedure.

  • Sign Up – Visit or download the Oneclickmoney mobile app and fill out the application form. You will receive an OTP code to verify your identification details.
  • Company Call – The company will call you through one of its loan specialists to help you decide on the loan. The specialist will take you through the loan agreement, terms, and financial needs.
  • Disbursement – After loan approval and signing contracts, will transfer money to your bank account within 24 hours.

Borrower Requirements and Documentation

Primarily, you will be required to fill out an application form online to access the lender’s loan services. Additionally, borrowers must meet the following credentials;

  • One valid government-issued document. This can be an ID Card or Passport.
  • Be of age 20 to 60 by the time of loan approval.
  • Be a Citizen of the Philippines.
  • Residential Address.
  • Personal Bank Account. Oneclickmoney loans are credited into an account registered with your name.

Application Process

Here is a step-to-step guide to applying for and getting an Oneclickmoney Philippines loan.

Step 1

Oneclickmoney Website/Application

Visit or download the lender’s app to apply.

Step 2

Loan Amount and Credentials

On the ‘Instant Cash Loan’ page, key in the amount you wish to borrow. This lender offers you up to a loan limit of PHP 20,000 in a loan term of up to 6 months. Enter your personal details, including your full name, phone number, and email address, then click on ‘Get Cash Today.’

Step 3

Identification Details

Provide personal identification details, including permanent address, gender, and date of birth. You will also be required to give an emergency phone number and a relative’s contact.

Step 4

Financial Details

In addition to your monthly income, will require you to give out your bank account details.

Step 5

Upload Your Documents

Select the identification document of your choice and upload a copy with a selfie of your preferred ID.

Step 6

Code Validation and Loan Processing

After accepting the terms and conditions of loan borrowing, you will receive a code to confirm your identification details. Once confirmed, the lender immediately disburses the funds to your bank account.

Obtaining Methods

When a loan is approved and the transaction secured, the One Click Money service will deposit the money to the selected bank account. For approval, this bank account number must be in the name of the applicant. Your loan application profile is automatically rejected if the account is not registered in the official names used during the application. Also, the account must be active and deregistered from any payroll transfer.

Obtaining bank options include Robison Bank, Maybank, UnionBank, China Bank, EastWest Bank, and BDO.

Repayment of the Loan

Repayment of the Loan

Upon a successful loan approval and transfer, the lender will email you detailed repayment instructions, including installments, interest rates, first and final payment, and loan term. You may need a reliable loan calculator to be aware of the total repayment amount, interest rates, and monthly amortization.

Notably, you can use any of the following methods to repay your Oneclickmoney loan.

Over the Counter/Digital Banks

Available options include UnionBank Online/Cash Payment, Robinsons Online/Cash Payment, RCBC Online Bank, MetroBank Online/Cash Payment, MayBank Online, and BPI Online.


Available repayment e-wallets include PayPal, GrabPay, ECPay, Dragon Pay, PayMaya,, AliPay, and GCash.

Payment Centers

The role of payment centers in the facilitation of loan repayments is fundamental for the establishment of financial markets. Individuals and businesses with limited access to online and over-the-counter repayment methods can use payment centers to settle their loans. Such centers include 7-Eleven, MayBank, LBC, and Bayad Center.


Oneclickmoney is a reputable financial company offering financial solutions to individuals and businesses. The benefit of getting an Oneclickmoney loan is that you apply and get approved faster. If you are a first-timer, the company will accept your application and transfer money to your account at a 0% interest rate. So, if you have plans to borrow money over the internet, Oneclickmoney makes a perfect option.