PesoLoan online loan service application is a FinTech development that helps individuals who need quick cash. In case of a financial emergency or if someone has no idea how to approach their financial situation, they can take a quick loan. This loaning business does all paperwork for borrowers and gets the money into their account within 24 hours. A Peso loan is an easy way of accessing cash for emergencies and as a solution for debt consolidation.

About PesoLoan – Is the Company Legit?

In the Philippines, financial institutions that improve people’s lives by loaning them need proper registration documents for smooth operations. All lending companies must register under the Securities and Exchange Commission to prove legibility.

Under Masaganang Buhay Finance Philippines Corporation, PesoLoan, a financial company, began its operations. It has the securities and exchange number CS201824008 hence accredited to offer loans to Filipinos who want to borrow money.

PesoLoan is a premium lending institution committed to serving individuals who need fast cash to solve emerging issues.

Advantages of Using PesoLoan

Advantages of Using PesoLoan

A simple user interface – the site’s simple user interface makes it convenient to borrow money through online loan applications, even for first-time applicants.

No hidden fees – the user has the authority to choose the amount of money they would like to borrow. The site also has an interest calculation tool that highlights the actual loan amount and what borrowers should repay.

No collateral required – Peso loan offers borrowers the privilege to take an online loan without any guarantee, offering revolutionary services.

Fast loan processing – the period taken to disburse a customer’s loan after analyzing their details is shorter, thus solving their emergency faster.

Loans Offered by PesoLoan

PesoLoan has set a goal to bridge the gap in micro-financing in the Philippines by offering loans online. PesoLoan is a one-stop solution for all borrowers’ financial needs. Whether they take small loans or money for home improvement and repair, PesoLoan offers various services to fit all customer needs and budgets.

PesoLoan believes everyone deserves a chance to better their lives through its loan site. They strive daily to offer more opportunities to make borrowers’ dreams possible by providing loans online. Offering a general loan amount is convenient since borrowers take the loans for general purposes compared to dividing the loans into different categories.

PesoLoan has a disclaimer on their site in case of any changes in types of loans. The disclaimer states that they only offer online loans, which keeps borrowers updated through different available channels, which can be found on their site.

Applying for a Loan from PesoLoan

Applying for a Loan from PesoLoan

Download the application- borrowers can easily access their terms and loan info, but they need to download an application. The PesoLoan app is free and does not take up much space on the phone.

Registration- through registration, PesoLoan can receive a client’s personal information, which is essential when assessing and presenting them for a loan. A customer’s preferred loan amount can also be obtained while registering.

Submission – after filling in the details, clients need to submit their details for verification and review.

Borrower Requirements and Documentation

One must include the documents below for the financial institution to consider them for a loan:

Personal information details; the documents include a valid Social Security Number, driver’s license, government-issued ID, and Philippine passport.

The customer shows evidence of age, signature, and bank details to prove consent and reduce fraud.

Borrowers should provide their job information such as their nature of work, salary range, and company address to build their credit score and the amount of loan they receive.

Customers should submit their communication details through which PesoLoan can reach them, such as an email address, mobile number, reference persons, and network information.

Application Process

Application Process

Step 1

Download the PesoLoan Application

The application gives borrowers the advantage of viewing a wide range of information about loan terms, service fees, and interest rates. They can download it from the play store for convenience.

Step 2

Account Registration

Customers can complete this part by filling in their personal information such as name, phone number, and account number, among other details. They can choose their loan amount depending on their needs and wants.

Step 3


Clients should submit their applications to PesoLoan and wait for the agents to ascertain if the details are valid. The review is faster, so borrowers do not have to worry about waiting for long. Submission means that a loan applicant agrees to the loan term.

Step 4

Receive the Loan

Customers will receive the money through bank transfers or e-wallets.

Obtaining Methods

For convenience, PesoLoan has two methods of disbursing funds, and the system uses the one a customer chooses. There are different channels through which the organization funds money to a customer’s account through banking systems.

Credit or debit card- borrowers can obtain money to their credit or debit card provided they give accurate details. Clients must confirm with their bank if their account is active for faster disbursement of funds. Delays in bank transactions may occur depending on the customer’s operator.

E-wallet- the loan service sends money to a borrower’s e-wallet depending on their preference. Disbursement is always fast as long as the customer provides a correct number that is functional.

Repayment of the Loan

Repayment of the Loan

Repayment of the loan is critical to Lender’s liquidity. PesoLoan requests reimbursement of the loan amount made by the borrower on or before the stated repayment date, as per the loan term. For any payment through the Lender’s designated payment channel, the borrower shall be responsible for paying the Additional Fee (Third Party), if any.

Clients can channel their payments through designated payment channels that PesoLoan can provide. The company communicates through SMS or calls made by the company. Borrowers should ensure they read and understand the loan term, renewal time, and conditions.


Online loans are the latest addition to PesoLoan. Their online lending process is an easy and flexible option for acquiring emergency cash or funds for other business needs such as purchasing a vehicle. PesoLoan guarantees that clients’ needs are the organization’s priority and that borrowers will receive their loans faster than traditional collateral-based methods.

By partnering with PesoLoan, clients are assured of quick services. By offering financial solutions, the company leaves borrowers satisfied and eager to take another loan without worrying about collateral.