There has been advancement in the financial industry, especially in the lending sector. Online lending platforms have become faster and easier to use, replacing application methods that require filling out numerous forms. Pendopeso was incorporated to offer personal loans online and enhance the financial well-being of the residents in the Philippines.

Through faster processing of applications, Pondopeso offers loans in the Philippines. As most people are always searching for short-term loans, Pondopeso is always available to help many Philippinos who need fast loans.

This lending company does not require any collateral leading to a high loan application rate by Philippinos above 18 years.

About Pondopeso – Is the Company Legit?

Pondpeso, owned by Armorak Lending Inc., was registered in the Philippines to help promote financial mobility. It is a popular online platform because of its faster loan application process.

One must register through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to offer online lending services in the Philippines. The SEC Registration Number of Armorak is CS201908271, and its Certificate of Authority number is 2988. The consent and number available prove that Pondopeso is among the leading legitimate lending companies that operate as financial service providers.

Advantages of Using Pondopeso

Advantages of Using Pondopeso

Numerous Philippines borrowers choose Pondopeso services because of the following benefits:

  • Fast Loan Approval Process – The time taken for approval or rejection of a borrower’s loan is about 130 minutes. This fast process is possible because Pondopeso has a data system that uses ultra-high speed to analyze a customer’s credit information immediately after registration.
  • No Collateral Is Required – All a borrower needs to do is agree to the loan agreement and wait for the review of their loan. It makes it easier for any Pilipino above 18 years to get a loan with only a phone number and government-issued ID.
  • The Possibility of High Loan Limits – Loyal customers can take advantage and have their limits increased through earlier loan repayment. Submission of correct job information also guarantees a higher loan limit.
  • Quick Loan Application Process – The process of account registration and submission of documents is fast. The entire process takes less than three minutes from the start to the end.

Loans Offered by Pondopeso

When borrowers need fast cash to sort their emergency issues instantly, they should try Pondopeso online service for quick loans. They are ideal for any situation, and customers can use the loans to offset utility bills, pay medical bills or consolidate another debt.

Since there is no collateral required for security from the borrower, Pondopeso offers a type of loan called fast loans to its clients. Anyone can get the online service provided they are eligible individuals above 18 years with proof of citizenship.

The loan limit varies depending on how transparent a customer’s application information is and how quick they repay their loan.

Applying for a Loan from Pondopeso

Applying for a Loan from Pondopeso

The loan application process starts with borrowers registering with their mobile numbers on the official. On the website, customers can access a get the app link that automatically downloads the Apk, allowing them to install the app on their computers or phones.

Borrowers should confirm the information on their government-issued IDs and submit it in the required spaces on the app.

If a borrower’s information and application are approved, they can select the amount of money they wish to borrow per their loan limit and complete the process by submitting.

The final stage involves Pondopeso disbursing the funds to a customer’s preferred e-wallet. The period of time taken to disburse funds varies depending on the selected e-wallet.

Borrower Requirements and Documentation

Any Pilipino 18 years and above is eligible for a loan. The documents below are mandatory for the online audit:

Documents to prove citizenship – this can be a driver’s license, Philippine passport, valid government-issued ID, or a Social Security System number.

Job information about the borrower’s occupation is vital for customers who want a higher loan limit.

False data automatically disqualifies a client’s application.

Application Process

Application Process

Below is a three-step application procedure to apply for a loan from Pondopeso:

Step 1

Download the Pondopeso App

After downloading the Pondopeso app, borrowers can fill out the online application form and register their details using their phone numbers. The registered mobile number helps them go through the application process.

Step 1

Submit the ID Information

Applicants can use different identification documents to prove citizenship. Examples include the driver’s license, Philippines passport, Unified Multipurpose ID, or SSS. If employed, borrowers can also fill in their job information to increase their credit. Submitting accurate information increases the chances of loan approval.

Step 1

Get Approval

Customers should wait for approval or decline from the set algorithms. The automatic online audit takes about 130 minutes, after which a borrower receives either a rejection or approval. After receiving approval, a borrower can apply for the required amount and wait for the transfer.

Obtaining Methods

Applicants can receive their Pondopeso loan through numerous options set by the firm. Besides, the lending company is in the process of incorporating more options for disbursing the loan to users. Below are some methods a borrower can use to receive their Pondopeso loan.

Gcash or account.

Credit or debit bank card; borrowers can add their preferred debit or credit card account number to the app during registration.

Borrowers can also collect their funds from remittance centers across the Philippines.

It is crucial for borrowers to understand that card transfers may delay due to external factors beyond the company’s control.

Repayment of the Loan

Repayment of the Loan

At Pondopeso, early repayment attracts an increase in the loan limit, which motivates borrowers always to pay their loans in time.

Pondopeso sends its borrowers notifications via SMS on the payment deadline to remind them about loan repayment. The SMS also contains information on the bank account a customer used, and after a successful transfer, the loan company receives an automatic proof of payment.

Defaulters risk a higher interest rate on their loans due to late repayment. Pondopeso loan also reduces their loan limits. Borrowers who cannot meet the repayment deadline can also call the customer service number to postpone their repayment.


Pondopeso is a web-based online loan provider that has joined other FinTech firms in outshining physical lenders by offering faster loans. It provides various options to Filipinos who want to deal with financial issues. Pondopeso is available to anyone that meets the requirements, and borrowers can access the loaning platform by downloading the application.

Pendopeso understands the Pilipino financial market and offers efficient and quick loan services with excellent terms and conditions.