Digital lending services like Vamo completely changed the borrowing ecosystem. They made it possible for borrowers to carry out all the necessary procedures online to obtain loans. Vamo is among the leading companies registered with the exchange commission to provide lending services to Filipinos. In instances where you need money and don’t have other alternatives, fast cash loans are practical solutions. A lender advances you funds you can pay back in minimum monthly payments. Lending companies, such as Vamo, approve loans in a few hours. So, you can solve your financial troubles in time. Find out more about taking out a Vamo loan in the Philippines.

About Vamo – Is the Company Legit?

Vamo Lending Inc. is part of the VIA SMS Group, a top financial enterprise operating in Europe and Asia. The company has a customer base of more than 700,000 across different countries. The Philippines is among the nations that benefit from the organization’s offerings. Vamo holds a Certificate of Authority from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Thus, it has the authorization to do business in the Philippines.

Vamo Lending offers value to Filipino borrowers because it has fully digitized services. The company’s objective is to provide easy and manageable credit lines to locals. Through innovation and customer-focused approaches, it boosts access to loan products for the underserved and unbanked. It makes it easy to secure a loan and pay minimum monthly payments. As an entity registered with the exchange commission, the company protects customer information, which should put you at ease when submitting personal data.

Loans offered by Vamo

Loans offered by Vamo

You can turn to Vamo Lending Inc. if you need personal loans. A personal loan can be used for almost anything. It means the lender doesn’t restrict how you use the funds. The company gives out unsecured loans ranging from PHP 1,000 to PHP 30,000. When you apply for a Vamo loan, the lender evaluates your application to determine how much you can get.

Of course, as a new borrower, your limit is low. However, the loan amount increases over time. The first loan comes with a fixed term of 10 days. You can opt to pay back the loan in its entirety or with a minimum monthly payment. The lender charges an interest of 1.3% a day. So, you have to repay the principal and interest earned at the end of your loan term. Vamo loan products cater to varied needs, from utilities to medical emergencies.

Advantages of using Vamo

Efficiency is always a priority when applying for a credit line. You want a lender that takes you through the application process with as few complications as possible. Vamo promises this experience. Whatever loan amount you are requesting, the platform makes registration simple. Paying off your first minimum monthly payment is just as smooth sailing as the application.

Given that the service is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, you can trust the legitimacy of the service. Certification protects customers because the lending company has to abide by specific standards. Additionally, the website has data security to safeguard information.

The company offers flexible repayment terms. If your budget permits it, then you can make a full repayment. Alternatively, you can make a minimum payment each month.

Applying for a Loan at Vamo

Applying for a Loan at Vamo

You only need to be online to request a cash loan from Vamo. Whether on your PC or mobile device, you have to meet the eligibility requirements to get a loan. The lending institution doesn’t bother with traditional credit ratings. Hence, you don’t have to worry about having a poor credit score. Before applying for a loan, ensure you have a budget to cover the full or minimum monthly payments.

Borrower Requirements and Documentation

Here’s what you need to be eligible for a Vamo loan:

  • You must be a Filipino citizen living in the country
  • Be between 20 and 65 years
  • Have a valid ID – national ID, passport, driver’s license, GSIS or SSS number
  • Be employed or self-employed
  • Have a bank account or a digital wallet, like PayMaya, GCash or GrabPay

When sending your application, you need to provide;

  • Work details – nature of employment or business
  • Financial information, including current income
  • Contact references who can talk to customer representatives

Application Process

Even if you have never applied for a Vamo loan online, you won’t have any problems with the platform. Since Vamo Lending Inc offers advanced data security, you can be sure every piece of information you provide is safe. Here’s a step-by-step of how to apply for a Vamo loan:

Step 1

Click the ‘Apply Now’ tab to open an account.

Step 2

Fill out the loan application form with the required details.

Step 3

Enter your name, address, and mobile phone number.

Step 4

Double-check the information and submit your registration.

Step 5

Vamo will send a one-time password (OTP) to confirm your submission.

Step 6

A customer service representative might also call. Wait for approval.

Step 7

If approved, the money will the sent to your bank account or virtual wallet.

Step 8

Proceed to withdraw the approved credit for use.

Obtaining methods

If the provider approves your loan application, then you can be confident about accessing the money easily. The lender sends your loan proceeds to the bank account or e-wallet you registered. If you are using a bank account, then the funds will reflect almost immediately. For an e-wallet, availability depends on the transaction time of your chosen method. If your loan application goes through before 12:30 pm, then you receive money on the same day. However, if approval is after 12:30 pm, you must wait until the next working day (not Saturday, Sunday, or a Philippine national holiday).

Repayment of the loan

Repayment of the loan

Paying back your loan on time improves your borrowing power. Once you repay your loan, you can ask for another one. Additionally, you can qualify for Vamo loyalty programs, which offer discounts and flexible terms. You can pay back your loan via online banking or over the counter. Popular payment methods include:

  • BDO
  • GCash
  • Asia United Bank
  • PNB
  • Metrobank

Go to your account and choose the option to ‘repay loan,’ pick the payment alternative and enter the minimum payment. The site has a calculator you can use to confirm your first minimum monthly payment, including the processing fee. After sending your minimum monthly payment, check your outstanding balance on your profile.

Vamo Customer Service

Vamo Customer Service

When using the Vamo Lending platform, you can find help in different ways when the need arises. The site has a section that answers common questions. It covers a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from how to pay minimum monthly payments to checking your loan amount. So, check out the answers to see if they address your concerns.

If not, you can contact Vamo customer support via telephone. Find the Globe and Smart telephone on the website footer. Alternatively, write to customer service via the email address provided. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have live chat support. However, you can try reaching the support team on the Facebook page if the other channels fail. Customer service runs from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


Vamo Lending Inc. might still be a relatively new player in the Philippine online lending market, but it makes an impression. The online lender offers fast borrowing solutions for people with different needs. With a maximum loan amount of PHP 30,000, the platform appeals to borrowers with varying budgets. You can take out a loan from Vamo to cover cash emergencies of all types, from bills to school supplies. The easy application and convenient disbursement also make Vamo Lending suitable for urgent cases. Whether you want a small amount or the maximum limit available, the lending institution makes the whole process painless. Additionally, you can enjoy the loyalty programs available to returning customers.