For borrowers looking for any emergency funds, Vidalia Lending is a lending institution committed to helping them achieve their goals. Their core reason for establishing a winning edge in their customer’s business and financial life is to offer them access to an affordable loan tailored to their situation. The organization is committed to its clients, from entrepreneurs needing financial assistance to individuals looking for either personal loan or businesses looking for working capital.

About Vidalia Lending – Is the Company Legit?

There are numerous reasons a borrower may need a personal loan or a small business loan, including car repairs, medical expenses, and education expenses for children, among others. Personal finances can be a sensitive topic for many people, and they are ready to help.

Established in 2008, Vidalia Lending corp is regulated by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission, certified with license number CS200813771 and Certificate of Authority Number 279. The Securities and Exchange Commission sets laws for financial entities that want to operate in the Philippines, and this indicates that the operations of Vidalia Lending corp are legitimate.

Advantages of Using Vidalia Lending

Advantages of Using Vidalia Lending

Below are the reasons why you should lend money through Vidalia Lending:

  • Minimum Interest Rates – At Vidalia Lending, borrowers get some of the lowest rates in the market. The organization’s goal is that the loan they give a customer offers them the convenience required as they use it to pursue their financial goals.
  • Flexible Repayment Plans – Vidalia Lending offers flexible payment plans depending on a person’s flexibility to pay. The repayment can take about 3, 4, 5, or 6 months.
  • Transparent Procedures and Terms – Vidalia Lending offers a more transparent loan feature system where clients can view what they are supposed to pay. With a loan calculator, calculating interest on the site is easy.
  • No Collateral Required – A physical guarantee is not required provided a borrower agrees to the terms and conditions. All they have to do is sign up, look at the monthly payment and all is set.

Loans Offered by Vidalia Lending

The platform has several loan services depending on a borrower’s need and qualification. Here is a brief analysis of the types of loans they offer.

Lite loan – Lite loan, which can also be classified as a personal loan, is meant to offset any expense bill. For this type of loan, the loanable amount ranges from 2,000 to PHP 15,000.

Small business loan – this type of loan is suitable for small businesses that want to solve urgent needs. The loan has an interest rate of 5% per month. It is issued within the limits of PHP 15,000 and PHP 100,000.

A salary loan is suitable for the employed who need urgent cash to cater to their needs and cannot wait for their monthly payment. It is issued within the limits of PHP 15,000 and PHP 50,000.

A business loan is also for small businesses to cater for daily running. This loan is issued within the limits of PHP 100,000 and PHP 500,000.

A personal loan is perfect for those with different personal needs and has limits of PHP 15,000 and PHP 100,000.

Applying for a Loan from Vidalia Lending

Applying for a Loan from Vidalia Lending

This loan institution has made the loan application very easy. This online process for loan application is simple, and it is as follows:

Borrowers answer a handful of questions- they include data for identification, employment, and income.

A call from Vidalia Lending company’s agents- a legible client will receive phone call interviews where they will confirm the information they provided during the application is accurate.

Borrowers receive money- the lending institution will send the funds to the customer’s bank account.

Borrower Requirements and Documentation

All Filippino citizens above 20 years are eligible for a loan from Vidalia Lending, and they require the following documents, which increase the chances of being offered a higher loan amount.

Documents to prove citizenship- this can be a Philippine passport, valid Government-issued ID, driver’s license, or Social Security System.

Evidence of billing includes water, electricity, or landline bills.

Provide proof of income which can be a copy of the previous month’s pay slip.

For a business, utility bills, a copy of the DTI permit, and a copy of the most recent business permit.

Application Process

Application Process

Step 1

Create an Account: register an account by filling out an online form. Just click borrow on the webpage of Vidalia Lending, which will take you through filling in personal requirements. Existing clients who have cleared all their debts are eligible for another loan.

Step 2

Wait for a call: this is to review your application. The interview helps to clarify your information as an evaluation is done. Borrowers must submit their loan documents, such as banking information.

Step 3

Receiving cash: this can be either through money sent to their bank account or check collected in Vidalia Lending offices.

Obtaining Methods

Vidalia will send a customer their loan bank check directly to their bank account. The money will be on a bank check, and borrowers can cash or deposit it into their bank account. A bank transfer to a customer’s bank account is available upon request. It will give them the freedom to choose where to spend the loan. Depending on which bank they use, it may take a while for the loan to appear in the account.

Repayment of the Loan

Repayment of the Loan

Repaying a loan early is important because it will give the borrower higher credit ratings and, therefore, a higher loan amount. Vidalia Lending has numerous repayment options that are reliable and efficient. In case a client cannot pay on time, they have room for adjustments to accommodate all customers.

Borrowers can make payments through post-dated checks or their depository banks. In case they do not want to make payments by check, other payment options provided include bank deposits for all major banking institutions.


Vidalia Lending is a lending company that provides personal loans and small business loans throughout the Philippines. At Vidalia, customers are helped to consolidate their debts and access funds needed for personal expenses, business needs, or investments like the philippine securities. Customers can also get the funding required to start or expand their small business network.

Vidalia was built on the principle of always being there for all customers. That is why they have prioritized creating relationships with businesses by offering different types of loans to suit people’s needs. With a lower interest rate, you can reap maximum benefits from the loans when you invest.